The Hydro-Dynamic Austrian Championship will be managed and hosted by A.I.D.A. Austria and their team in cooperation with the BSFZ Südstadt. We are proud to present you:

The Judges:

- Main Judge: Prohazkova, Pavlina
- Hennie Kissling, AUT
- Isabella KARST, AUT

The Medic:

- Dr. med. Roswitha Prohaska & Dr. med. Willibald Welslau (Diving medicine physician, President of the ÖGTH) More information

For further information about our high professional medical staff, please visit: www.taucherarzt.at

The Photographers, Video:

- Andy WEBER, Florian Feldgrill

The Safety Divers:

All Safety Divers are trained freedivers and all of them complete an instructional safety course held by an A.I.D.A. instructor / A.I.D.A. Judge before the competition. They train all actual safety techniques necessary for this competition and have to demonstrate them correctly to the instructor. This, and the fact that we have high professional diving medicine physicians working with us, assures that we are offering you the best safety team and highest safety level possible. The Safety Divers will receive special instructions about the most "critical" rules regarding their responsibility (e.g. touching the athlete after surfacing, etc.).

Photo: Pavlina Prohazkova