What's the address of the competition site?

Street: Liese Prokop-Platz 1
ZIP/Postal Code: 2344 
City: Maria Enzersdorf
Country: Austria
WSG84: 16°18'40,1'' 48°05'56,2''

How do I get there?

The BSFZ Südstadt is located in Maria Enzersdorf (south of Vienna). It is very accessible by all means of transportation.

Bicycle: see AnachB.at

Public transport (metro, tram, bus): see wienerlinien.at

Train: "Badner Bahn", see wlb.at

Car: B17, see google-maps


At Vienna you'll find a lot of occasions to sleep, best try HRS or booking.com or

http://www.kaiser23.at/en/home.html (near the center)

http://www.austria-trend.at/eventhotel-pyramide/de/ (near the pool)

What do the pools look like?

2 pools will be used for the competition.

Pool for DYN: 50m x 22m, Depth: 2m (constant), Temperature: 26 - 28°C
Pool for STA: 6m x 22m, Depth: 1,2m, Temperature: 30°C
(Note: It is NOT possible to put the lanes across the pool, so also for DNF we can only offer a 50m lane!)

Click here to see another photo of the 50m pool (from the other side).


How many disciplines may I participate in?

In 2 disciplines.

1. STA (Static). What is static? -> info
2. You may choose either DYN (Dynamic with fins) or DNF (Dynamic no fins). What is DYN / DNF? -> info

Are there any fees?

The entry fee is 55 Euros per athlete. If the athlete is a member of any AIDA National organization he or she gets a discount of 10 Euros (resulting in an entry fee of only 45 Euros).

How many athletes will participate in the event?

We are sorry that we only have limited space. The maximum number of starters is 50 people. The places are given away in accordance with the "first come, first serve" principle, so better register early!

Can I win something?

Beside other prices for winners we raffle an

A.I.D.A. Austria NAUTICA watch amongst all athletes!

Are there some rules I have to follow?

Yes, as this is a competition, there are many of them. Please check out the official Competition Regulations as published by the AIDA International.
For newbies: the most important rules are: Commence your dive within 10 seconds from the official top and complete the surface protocol within 15 seconds after resurfacing. The surface protocol (SP) is defined by the AIDA International (in the above mentioned document in Point as follows:

Surface protocol:
1) remove ALL facial equipment (mask, goggles and nose clip).
2) give 1 visible OK-sign to the judge.
3) give 1 verbal OK to the judge by saying "I'm OK" or "I am OK"
All the above items must be done IN THIS SPECIFIC ORDER within the time window of 15.0 seconds upon resurfacing. Before starting the SP and after completing the SP the athlete has the liberty to make multiple verbal/visible signals. However, as soon as the SP has started all other/extra signals will lead to disqualification (noted as "failing SP"). The SP is considered as completed when the athlete has given the verbal OK.

If this is your first competition please don't hesitate to ask if unsure about something. Contact us, or ask a judge in between the registration and the first official top (later on they won't have time because they will be busy judging).

Why is the '1' printed in bold in the regulations?

It is to emphasise that you have to show exactly 1 OK sign. Not none, and not two or more. For educational purposes please watch this short video.

Anti - Doping

Like all AIDA competitions, this competition is also held under the strict Anti-Doping Rules of the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and NADA (National Anti-Doping Agency Austria). It is the duty of the athlete, to inform him-/herself, which substances are on the list of prohibited substances. Because the A.I.D.A. Austria follows a zero-tolerance policy regarding anti-doping rule violations, every violation of this rule will be taken very seriously and will lead to a lifelong ban from all A.I.D.A. Austria competitions.

Why should we do this?

Because indoor fishing would not be quite as interesting as this. And of course, just because we are cool as hell.

Christopher Friedrich
Christopher Friedrich, photo: Eva Fröstl