The Hydro-Dynamic Austrian Championship is taking place at the "Sports & Recreational center" "BSFZ Südstadt" in Maria Enzersdorf, near Vienna.

It is organised by A.I.D.A. Austria.

For optimal preparation as well as a smooth run (not only for us, but also for you) we would like to present to you the planned schedule. As for any event: study it and please try to stick to it.

Saturday, October 29th - Registration

The registration will be open from 13:00 to 14:00 (MET). It takes place at the cafeteria of BSFZ Südstadt which can be easily found: it is located directly behind the main entry to the swimming pool area. 
Please have the following items with you for registering:

- ID (with photo)
- valid medical statement (max. 1 year old)
- confirmation of your A.I.D.A. membership (if you are a member)
- the participation fee in cash (Euro), if not already paid in advance. (no card payment available)

Saturday, October 29th - Competition

16:45 (MET) - 1st OT - Dynamic apnea. 

Official tops for every athlete will be announced after registration is completed.

End 20:15 latest.

A team of volunteers will be taking care of you. Please note that the lockers in the changing rooms require a deposit of a 1-Euro coin. So take at least one 1-Euro coin with you!

Party & Ceremony

We are quite sure that everyone involved will be rather hungry after the competition.We are looking for a restaurant nearby "Divestyle Lounge" and expect you to join us!

The ceremony and After-Party will be at "Divestyle Lounge" (Hütteldorfer Straße 33, Vienna, Austria), near the city center and (parking lots are available nearby). Meal is included for all athlets!