Hydro Dynamic

proudly presented by A.I.D.A. Austria

We are working hard on the next round! Good news, we will compete on SATURDAY, Oct. 29th 2016

Yes, we do it again!

Expecting many international guests we are going to offer an attractive and comfortable surrounding.

We are able to perform the competition on a Saturday and therefore we are looking forward to a huge participation in the competition and the party. To avoid noisy pools we start at 16h (4.p.m.) with DYN/DNF and afterwards relax in our 32 degrees pool at STA.

What else do we offer? Why should you sign in?

  • A A.I.D.A. Austria NAUTICA watch will be  raffled off among all the athletes
  • Party & meal
Vienna is a beautiful city and definitely worth a trip. Here are two links to make it easier for you to find an accommodation:



So, now it's time to hurry up and register! -> Registration

The A.I.D.A Austria team welcomes you and is looking forward to a successful and companionable competition!!

Disciplines: STA, DYN/DNF
What: Individual, international, no finals
Where: BSFZ Südstadt, Liese Prokop-Platz 1, A-2344 Maria Enzersdorf
Coordinates: WSG84: 16°18'40,1'' 48°05'56,2''
When: Saturday, 29th October 2016, Registration at 13:00 a.m. (MET)
How much:
A.I.D.A. Member

How many: max. 40 Athletes
World Record Status: YES
Ranking: Overall (m/f), Austrian Champion (m/f)